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Trump Cultist Dilbert Cartoonist Scott Adams Exploits California’s Mass Shooting To Sell His “Witness” App

Law & Crime reports: After a shooter armed with a semi-automatic rifle gunned down numerous people at a California festival on Sunday, Scott Adams, who is the creator of the comic strip Dilbert, used the mass act of violence to promote his new app and urged survivors to download it. “If you were a witness to the #GilroyGarlicFestivalshooting please sign …

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Dilbert’s Scott Adams: If There Are No Terror Attacks Before Election Day, That Proves ISIS Loves Hillary

The Huffington Post reports: Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams’ vocal support for Donald Trump is getting even more bizarre. First, he pledged to join a resistance movement and help kill the GOP presidential nominee if he were elected president and behaved like Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler. Now, he’s shared yet another strange election-related remark: Adams seems to think that the absence …

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Nutjob Dilbert Cartoonist Scott Adams: I’m Endorsing Hillary Because I Might Be Assassinated If I Don’t

Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams says he is endorsing Hillary Clinton because her supporters might murder him if he doesn’t. And he’s “100% serious” about that. He writes: If Clinton successfully pairs Trump with Hitler in your mind – as she is doing – and loses anyway, about a quarter of the country will think it is morally justified to assassinate …

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