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Scamvangelist Kenneth Copeland “Executes Judgment” On The Coronavirus: “It Is Finished, It Is Over” [VIDEO]

“In the name of Jesus, standing in the office of the prophet of God, I execute judgment on you, COVID-19! I execute judgment on you, Satan! You destroyer! You killer! You get out! You would break your power! You get off this nation! I demand judgment on you! I demand — I demand — I demand a vaccination to come …

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Missouri Sues Jim Baker Over Fake Coronavirus “Cure”

Kansas City’s Fox affiliate reports: Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt announced Tuesday that his office has filed a lawsuit against Jim Bakker and Morningside Church Productions, Inc. for misrepresentations about the effectiveness of “Silver Solution” as a treatment for the coronavirus COVID-19. The lawsuit alleges that in a February 12, 2020 Jim Bakker Show production that aired nationwide, Bakker and …

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Trump Hires Grifting Scamvangelist Paula White

The New York Times reports: Paula White, a televangelist based in Florida and personal pastor to President Trump whom he has known since 2002, has joined the Trump administration in an official capacity, according to a White House official. Ms. White will work in the Office of Public Liaison, the official said, which is the division of the White House …

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