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Right Winger Guilty In Massive “Scam PAC” Fraud

Politico reports: In one of the first Justice Department cases of its kind, Maryland political consultant Kelley Rogers pled guilty to wire fraud today for operating multiple fraudulent political action committees that raised money from donors for conservative causes but kept much of the funds for Rogers and his associates. Rogers’ arrest and indictment took place shortly after Politico and …

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ARIZONA: DOJ Charges Two Brothers With Defrauding $50M Via “Scam PACs” For Multiple Right Wing Causes

The Daily Beast reports: The Department of Justice on Thursday brought federal criminal charges against two Arizona men accused of using fake political groups to defraud thousands of unwitting donors out of millions of dollars. Such groups are generally referred to as “scam PACs.” And DOJ’s criminal prosecution represents a major legal escalation against the practice by which those PACs’ …

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