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Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch Cherry Bomb

I’ll admit I’m quite skeptical about the coming Runaways biopic. But holy crap, this cast cover of their 1976 proto-punk classic Cherry Bomb totally does NOT suck. Just true enough to the original and different enough too. Dakota Fanning, who knew? (Yes, I was rocking the original on 8-track in my ’73 Lemans. Suck it, kiddies.)

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HomoQuotable – Joan Jett

“It was initially kind of laughing, like that kind of smiling, going, ‘What are you doing? You can’t do this. Girls don’t play rock ‘n’ roll.’ And when they saw were really serious about it, the attitude kind of changed. Anything from really just insulting and dirty, nasty things. Calling us names, every name that you can call a woman. …

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