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Cardinal Roger Mahony: Stop Condemning Me For Shielding Child Rapists

“I can’t recall a time such as now when people tend to be so judgmental and even self-righteous, so quick to accuse, judge and condemn.  And often with scant real facts and information.  Because of news broadcasts now 24/7 there is little or no fact checking; no in-depth analysis; no context or history given.  Rather, everything gets reported as ‘news’ regardless of the …

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Catholic Vote Calls For Cardinal Mahony To Withdraw From Papal Conclave

Catholic Vote, where NOM’s “cultural affairs director” Thomas Peters occasionally blogs, today posted a call for pedophile-shielding Cardinal Roger Mahony to withdraw from the coming papal conclave.  The post notes the “credible accusations” made against British Cardinal Keith O’Brien, who yesterday resigned, and urges Mahony to follow O’Brien’s example. Tom Crowe writes: I’ll not get into the moral balancing act …

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Cardinal Roger Mahony: Humiliate Me

Earlier this month Cardinal Roger Mahony was “relieved of his duties” for his role in covering up the still-widening molestation scandal that is shredding the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.  Yesterday Mahoney announced on his blog that it’s now clear to him that Jesus wants him to be humiliated. Given all of the storms that have surrounded me and the Archdiocese …

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