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40 Activists Walk Into A Room….

Pictured above are the journalists, activists, researchers, allies and bloggers that attended this weekend’s Haas Fund-sponsored conference on LGBT youth homelessness, suicide prevention, and immigration equality. All very good people. UPDATE: Via the Windy City Times, here’s everybody’s names (from left to right). Michael Rogers, Eden James, Phil Reese, Andrés Duque, Karen Ocamb, Jeremy Hooper, Jean Albright, Tracy Baim, Ksen …

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(Still Gay) “Ex-Gay” Preacher Donnie McClurkin Calls Gays “Vampires”

Donnie McClurkin, the supposedly “ex-gay” preacher that has been spotted having intimate dinners with “flamboyant” young men in quiet Manhattan restaurants, appeared at the Church of God In Christ’s youth conference in Memphis to babble in tongues and call gays “vampires” (among other lovely things). Take it away Rod McCullom: In the first of three disgusting YouTube videos, McClurkin begins …

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Bullied To Death

Today the Boston Globe published an editorial titled Bullied To Death in which the paper decries anti-gay bullying and points out how much worse the situation can be for children in the inner-cities. Relentless bullying, including anti-gay slurs, by students at the New Leadership Charter School in Springfield pushed sixth-grader Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover to take his own life, according to …

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