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BREAKING: Multiple People Dead In Manhattan After Rented Truck Plows Down Bike Lane, Driver In Custody

The New York Times reports: A suspect had been taken into custody after police officers in New York City responded on Tuesday afternoon to reports of a shooting or vehicle collision in Lower Manhattan, the authorities said. A law enforcement official said there were reports that several people were dead. The Fire Department said officials responded just after 3 p.m. …

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FLORIDA: Road Rage Priest Denies Pointing Gun

The Palm Beach Post reports: An Episcopal priest pulled over in the Treasure Coast and later charged with pointing a handgun in an alleged “road rage” assault adamantly denies doing so when troopers first stop his 2014 Corvette, Florida Highway Patrol dashboard camera video shows. William Rian Adams was arrested and charged with pointing a semi-automatic Glock handgun at Sharon …

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Florida Road Rage Karma

Mediaite lays the scene: A Florida driver with a serious case of road rage got what was coming to him, as captured in a video by the person he was tailgating. The driver in front couldn’t switch lanes and the weather was too bad for her to risk speeding, and yet the a-hole behind her was tailgating her as if …

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