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VIRGINIA: Richmond City Council Approves Benefits For Gay Spouses

Last night’s vote in Virginia’s capital comes with a major proviso. The impassioned debate over gay marriage burst into Richmond City Hall on Monday night as the City Council voted to approve an ordinance granting spousal benefits to gay employees — if Virginia law eventually allows it. After several speakers warned of the wrath of God if the council approved …

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Brian Brown: It’s A Virginia Emergency!

“Three members of the Richmond City Council have introduced an ordinance that would recognize same-sex ‘marriages,’ in violation of the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Virginia! This is the latest in a string of nationwide efforts by the same-sex ‘marriage’ lobby to circumvent the law and impose a genderless marriage regime on the American people against their will. We can’t …

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VIRGINIA: Richmond City Council To Consider Benefits For Married Gay Couples

The Richmond City Council will meet in early September to consider an ordinance that would recognize the marriages of gay city employees who made it legal in other states. A major local church is already slamming the move. “When the country gets to a point where we make legal what God says is not legal,” said Richmond Christian Center Pastor …

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