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Fox Contributor: Vigilantism “Should Be Encouraged”

“Mr. Penny was trained to defend the innocent, his training as a Marine — I think it was probably instinctive when he saw people being threatened and menaced on that train – he sprang into action. He mitigated the threat. “He obviously didn’t intend to kill Mr. Neely, otherwise he wouldn’t have helped the cops perform CPR, as his lawyer …

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Fox Host: Harris Is “Incentivizing Drug Use And Sloth”

“She is the border’s czarina, Why isn’t she offering a solution? My favorite thing is when you watch Kamala Harris, it’s like a living Wordle. “You know those Wordle things where you just grasp at five words and try to make a solution? None of this make sense. She is a PSA for your brain on drugs. “Whatever happened, the …

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Fox Contributor: Hospitals Profit By Inflating Deaths

“I spoke to a lot of hospital administrators this week, the CDC guidance on this urges people, if a doctor believes or suspects that their patient died of COVID, COVID is put on the death certificate. “So there’s an incentive also monetarily for these hospitals, and hospital conglomerates to have COVID patients and COVID fatalities in their care. “We’ve got …

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