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NEW YORK CITY: De Blasio Names Guiliani-Era Bill Bratton As NYPD Chief

New York City Mayor-Elect Bill De Blasio has named Bill Bratton as NYPD Commissioner. Bratton served under Rudy Giuliani for three years in the mid-90s and most recently spent seven years as the police chief for Los Angeles. This is a controversial selection for De Blasio, who campaigned heavily against the stop-and-frisk practices of the NYPD under outgoing chief Ray …

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Bloomberg Vetoes NYPD Oversight Bill

Mayor Bloomberg today vetoed a bill that would create an office to oversee the NYPD and that would make it easier for citizens to sue the police for abuses. Gothamist reports: The Community Safety Act, which is comprised of two separate laws meant to crack down on the NYPD’s racial profiling, was passed by the City Council with enough votes …

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Mayor Bloomberg And NYPD Chief Hold Joint Press Conference On Hate Crimes

Mayor Michael Bloomberg and NYPD Chief Ray Kelly last night held a joint press conference on the wave of violent anti-gay hate crimes sweeping New York City. From the mayor’s remarks: “Last Friday, the murder of a young man named Mark Carson shocked our city. He was murdered because of his sexual orientation – and only because of his sexual …

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