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Headline Of The Day

Via Raw Story: A DNA analysis proves that Holy Communion is a “fraud,” according to a hedonistic religious sect that believes humans were created by extraterrestrials about 25,000 years ago. The Association of Raelian Scientists published a study on October 25 they say refutes the Catholic claim of transubstantiation, in which bread and wine and actually become the physical body …

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Raelians At Sydney Mardi Gras

A group of Raelians, which calls itself “the world’s second-largest UFO religion after Scientology,” held a de-baptism ceremony at this year’s Sydney Mardi Gras.

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National Go Topless Day: August 23rd

I was handed a flyer for National Go Topless Day as I was leaving Central Park over the weekend. Organizers hope to draw attention to public nudity laws that allow moobs but not boobs. The flyers were being handed out by a cute young chick, but the presence of a sign-carrying Raëlian nearby should have tipped me that those very …

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