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Maddow Goes Off On Michael Flynn, Paid Lobbyist For Turkey And Fan Of Vladimir Putin [VIDEO]

Via Raw Story: Rachel Maddow was so troubled by President-Elect Donald Trump’s offer to lieutenant General Michael Flynn she scrapped the script to level with her audience. “At this point in the show, I had something else we were going to cover, by scrapped it, because there’s a thing I feel like I need to say about the Mike Flynn …

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Maddow: Is Trump Committing Campaign Suicide?

In last night’s report about Donald Trump’s call to ban all Muslims from entering the United States, Rachel Maddow wondered if Trump is purposely trying to “blow up his presidential campaign.” Maddow: “Is he trying to get himself effectively kicked out of the Republican party so there’s no longer a threat he might actually get nominated as that party’s nominee …

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