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Homocon Matt Drudge: Ha, Ha, They’re Totally Lesbians

Closeted homosexual blogger Matt Drudge, who relentlessly attacks Hillary Clinton for her clothes, her weight, her hair, and her health, has responded to the Weiner scandal in typical fashion by reviving the far-right claim that she and Huma Abedin are lovers. You can bet that Drudge’s headline will get immediate and widespread play across Teabagistan.

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Breitbart: Twitter Has Declared War On Conservatism By “Unverifying” Homocon Milo Whatisopoulos

Twitter recently announced new rules against “abusive” accounts and all of Teabagistan is in an uproar today because Breitbart‘s raving homocon douche Milo Whatisopoulos has lost his “verified” check mark. It’s a war on conservatism and the First Amendment! They write: Twitter has unverified the account of Breitbart technology editor Milo Yiannopoulos, effectively declaring war on conservative media by punishing …

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