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Trump Aide: Today’s Health Interview With Dr. Oz Will Merely Focus On “Being Active And Positive Thinking”

Yesterday quackpot television host Dr. Oz admitted that he wasn’t planning on asking Donald Trump any questions about his health that Trump wouldn’t want to answer. Today we learn that the interview won’t touch on Trump’s alleged recent medical exam at all, but will merely focus on “well-being, being active and positive thinking.” So much for the big reveal.

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Bill Maher Promotes AIDS Cure Quack [VIDEO]

Karen Ocamb reports at Frontiers: AIDS ain’t over, and neither is the effort to find money and fame by charlatans promising a cure. Friday night, controversial libertarian Bill Maher gave a primetime spot on his HBO show Real Time with Bill Maher to an Australian doctor who claims he successfully treated HIV-positive actor Charlie Sheen through an alternative therapy. Maher …

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