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Sen. James Lankford: The Bible Is Mostly About Politics Therefore God Wants Christian Politicians To Proselytize

From Pat Robertson’s CBN News: As a battle wages for the soul of America, the D. James Kennedy Center for Christian Statesmanship is working to prepare Christians to serve as public policy shapers and decision makers. “It’s very interesting for me to be able to hear, ‘Well, if you come from a biblical worldview, you know, really that’s a ministry …

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New Christian Book: How To Proselytize Coworkers

From a paid press release posted by Christian Newswire: Despite mounting pressures for Christians to keep quiet about their faith, a new book by Pastor Steve Reynolds and David L. Winters recommend just the opposite. “At this point in our nation’s history, every institution needs strong leadership to survive and thrive,” Winters said. “There are many forces seeking to tear …

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BOLIVIA: New Penal Code Criminalizes Proselytizing

The Christian Times reports: Evangelical groups in Bolivia are voicing out their concerns about a new law that aims to ban proselytizing and other religious activities. The National Association of Evangelicals in Bolivia (ANDEB) has stated that the new Penal Code of Bolivia amounted to “state abuse” against Christians because it could ban evangelism and prevent them from organizing religious …

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