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Defending Traditional Sidewalks

There’s a really cute bit of activism going on at Princeton in which advocates for “Princeton Prop 8” say that they love freshmen, they really do, but they should not be allowed to use the sidewalks. Sidewalks are for traditional use, not for some redefined non-traditional sidewalk values users. From the comments on YouTube:-“To be fair, freshman have the right …

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Orangina And A Brick Wall

How to fake an attack: December 19, 2007 — This Ivy Leaguer did a bang-up job giving himself a beating. Francisco Nava, the Princeton junior who said he was attacked because of his conservative political leanings, only to confess that the wounds were self-inflicted, has revealed exactly how he gave himself a concussion, swollen jaw and cuts all over his …

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Princeton Student Faked Own Attack

Last week Francisco Nava, a conservative and anti-gay Princeton student, told police and campus officials that he’d been roughed up by “men in black ski masks” and received hate mail after writing a column in the student newspaper criticizing the school for giving out free condoms. Other members of Princeton’s Anscombe Society, a conservative student organization, who have spoken out …

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