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Powerball Jackpot Rules Changed Due To Coronavirus

CBS News reports: The Powerball Product Group announced changes to the Powerball’s starting amount and minimum roll increases between drawings. Following the next grand prize win, the starting jackpot will reset to a guaranteed $20 million with minimum increases between drawings of $2 million. The Powerball Product Group said the changes to the game ensure it can continue to support …

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$560 Million Lottery Winner Sues For Anonymity

Fortune reports: One very lucky New Hampshire woman is the winner of last month’s $560 million Powerball—but she wants to keep her identity a secret. Due to existing lottery rules, the winner is obligated to publicly claim the winnings, thereby indirectly letting friends and criminals alike know that she has come into millions. The winner fears that the inability to …

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Powerball Soars To World Record $1.3 Billion

Sorry kids, you’re going to work tomorrow. The Independent reports: America awaits its first lottery billionaire, after the Powerball jackpot rollover hit a world-record figure of $1.3 billion. No one won Saturday’s $949.8 million jackpot on 9 January, already the biggest in US history. Strong ticket sales, fueled by excitement over the enormous sum, have driven the prize money up …

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