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Tsunami-Stopping Scamvangelical: Jesus Personally Told Me To Seek White House Press Credentials [VIDEO]

Pastor Frank Amedia, who is most famous for his claim that he personally prayed a tsunami away from Hawaii, first appeared on JMG last year when he described how Jesus sent him a vision of “demonic hornets” stinging Americans with the sin of “lustful homosexuality.” Since then Amedia has led the “POTUS Shield” campaign to envelop the White House with …

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Emboldened By Their White House Access, Dominionists Gather To Plot Turning America Into Christian Theocracy

Peter Montgomery reports at Right Wing Watch: The dominionist prayer warriors of POTUS Shield, a project launched by Trump-supporting “apostles” and “prophets” immediately after his election victory, met in Ohio last week to further their plans to take full advantage of their new high-level access. Among their goals: “sweeping” the federal courts of any judges whose rulings are not to …

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