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Games Of Thrones Sets Piracy Record

Sunday’s season finale of Game Of Thrones set an unusual record. Once again the show has broken all records for illegal viewing, clocking up more than 1.5 million downloads during the first 12 hours. The news is unlikely to bother program maker HBO all that much: famously, Jeff Bewkes of parent company Time Warner described Game of Thrones’ status as …

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Homeland Security Descends On AMC Theatres Patron Wearing Google Glass

AMC Theatres has banned patrons from wearing Google Glass after Homeland Security yanked a patron wearing the device out of one of their Ohio multiplexes. Via the Guardian: Writing anonymously on The Gadgeteer blog, the man explained that halfway into the screening at an AMC in Columbus, Ohio, he was hauled out by police and officers from homeland security’s ICE …

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