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New Site: Legalize Jesus

From the website: CHRISTOPHOBIA is spreading across AMERICA. Christians must end the silence and come out of the closet. We must RISE UP against the intolerant liberal secular progressive mob. I PRAY more Christians in America will become unashamed, unabashed, public glorifiers of JESUS – no matter where they are or who they are with… especially in public and at …

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The Truth About Phyllis Burgess

There’s more to the story of Phylliss Burgess, 69, the “Styrofoam Cross Lady” that is currently the darling of Christianist websites after her cross was ripped from her hands and stomped during a Prop 8 rally in Palm Springs. If you buy the story being told on right-wing sites, Burgesss is a frail, elderly, innocent victim of “gay fascists.” But …

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