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Wingnut Group: Use ProPay Not PayPal

The right wing group 2nd Vote, whose primary function is to facilitate the boycotts of progressive-minded corporations, has found an alternative to PayPal. They write: In the last few days, our research team has taken a very close look at a payment processing company based in Lehi, Utah called ProPay. This company was of particular interest because, ProPay has made …

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Major Companies Slam North Carolina’s Anti-LGBT Law: IBM, Google, Facebook, Bank Of America, PayPal

Yesterday major corporations took to social media or released statements to denounce North Carolina’s new anti-LGBT law. See some of their messages below. Perhaps most prominent among them is IBM, the state’s largest private employer. Fortune reports: Big Blue, North Carolina’s largest employer, posted a statement on Thursday that expressed disappointment with the new law, which LBGT rights supporters widely …

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