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Evangelist: Socialism Encourages Bestiality, That’s Why Sweden Lets You Marry Dogs, Cats, Horses, And Pigs

“When you raise up kids in the socialist mind factories of education, which are deliberately designed to dumb you down so that you can’t think critically about the horrors of socialism, the byproduct is, to be blunt, you go insane in different compartments of reality in your life. “When you allow your mind to be formed, and shaped, and programmed …

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Christian Activist: The Military Uses A Secret “Voice Of God” Radio Frequency That Makes Muslims Surrender

“The American military, using mind-control technology, attached an invisible rider on the A.M. frequency that all these extremist Muslims would be listening to and they knew that American soldiers wouldn’t be listening to this station because Americans don’t speak the language and they wouldn’t be into the music, so they were able to target the population. “The rider frequency that …

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Christian Activist: Evangelicals Will Still Support Trump Because At Least He’s Not Raping Or Molesting [AUDIO]

“Obviously, we as Christians hold biblical values high, we believe in sexual purity, moral faithfulness, we’re against adultery and all the rest of that. So listen carefully here, the strategy is to bring up these events that all involve sexual sins, allegedly, because they know — the people, the strategists behind the scenes — they know that this will upset …

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