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The (Sort Of) End Of The Advocate

After a week of internet rumors and quasi-denials, Here Media CEO Paul Colichman has confirmed that The Advocate will now be shipped only in combination with sister publication Out Magazine, ending after 40+ years the stand-alone status of the nation’s most highly regarded LGBT news source. From Colichman’s letter published at Advocate.com yesterday: The recent closures of Gourmet, Portfolio, Genre, …

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New Owner Of Advocate & Out Magazines Tears Up Donation Check For Obama

Paul Colichman, the new owner of The Advocate and Out Magazine, tells Page 6 about watching Barack Obama at last week’s Saddleback Forum. “I’m a die-hard Democrat,” he tells Page Six. But Colichman was also a die-hard Hillary Clinton supporter. He and Harry Thomason produced a documentary, “The Hunting of the President: The 10-Year Campaign to Destroy Bill and Hillary …

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