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PORTLAND: Riot Police Shut Down Rally For Extremist GOP US Senate Candidate After Clashes With Antifa

The Oregonian reports: Portland Police declared a riot Saturday after tensions between the right-wing Patriot Prayer group and local anti-fascist activists came to a head and broke out in violence. The afternoon began with a permitted rally at Terry Schrunk Federal Plaza organized by Joey Gibson, U.S. Senate candidate for Washington and leader of the right-wing, Vancouver-based group. A counter-demonstration …

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SAN FRANCISCO: Police Block All Access To Location Of Non-Permitted Extremist Group’s “Press Conference”

The San Francisco Chronicle reports: San Francisco police are barring all public access to Alamo Square Park, a police employee said, casting into doubt a right-wing group’s last-minute plans to hold a press conference at 2 p.m. in the Western Addition park. Alamo Square will be closed to the public “for as long as deemed necessary,” said Ramon Beltran, a …

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SAN FRANCISCO: Feds Greenlight Saturday Hate Rally

The San Francisco Chronicle reports: The National Park Service said Wednesday that a controversial right-wing rally will be allowed to go forward Saturday at park-managed Crissy Field in San Francisco and advised the public to steer clear. Golden Gate National Recreation Area Acting General Superintendent Cicely Muldoon said the park service had no choice but to honor the free speech …

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