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Reporter To “Ex-Gay” Nutter: You’re Gay As A Goose And Just Can’t Admit It

British anti-gay group Christian Concern has posted the below BBC interview in which Buzzfeed UK reporter Patrick Strudwick confronts an “ex-gay” proponent, telling him that they’d met while Strudwick was undercover and he is clearly “as gay as a goose and just can’t admit it.” RELATED: Five years ago I reported on Strudwick’s undercover work in Britain’s “ex-gay” network.

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UK Reporter Patrick Strudwick Declares War On “Ex-Gay” Industry

UK-based reporter Patrick Strudwick, whose “ex-gay” undercover investigation was mentioned here last week, has now launched a campaign to expose and end the damaging tactics of the evil reparative therapy industry. Strudwick’s group is called the Stop Conversion Therapy Taskforce (SCOTT). Facebook page here. Their first target will be an “ex-gay” conference in Northern Ireland, but that’s just the beginning. …

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The Ex-Gay Files

British investigative reporter Patrick Strudwick, an out gay man, went undercover in the UK’s network of “ex-gay” outfits to see how they pretend to pray the gay away. Here’s how just one of the “therapists” worked. She begins her wound hunt by asking about my family. I tell her that I have a close relationship with my parents and that …

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