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NORTH CAROLINA: After McCrory “Shame!” Incident, HB2 Sponsor Wants To Outlaw Shouting At Politicians

The Raleigh News & Observer reports: Does former North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory need protection? Do all current and former public officials? At least one state senator thinks so. After a video was posted on Facebook Friday showing a group of people following McCrory during a trip to Washington, D.C., for inaugural weekend, chanting “Shame!” and calling him a bigot, …

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McCrory Campaign Money Begs On Hate Lawsuit

JMG reader Tom points out that North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory’s team has wasted no time in pumping out a money beg for a “strategic defense fund.”  The above tweet links to McCrory’s reelection donation page, which now bears this message: “Fight back against the federal government’s overreach and bullying tactics.” We’re guessing that by “strategic defense fund” McCrory actually …

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