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Researchers: The Ozone Hole Is Slowly Healing [VIDEO]

The Associated Press reports: Earth’s protective ozone layer is finally healing from damage caused by aerosol sprays and coolants, a new United Nations report said. The ozone layer had been thinning since the late 1970s. Scientists raised the alarm and ozone-depleting chemicals were phased out worldwide. As a result, the upper ozone layer above the Northern Hemisphere should be completely …

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Scientists See “Healing” In Antarctic Ozone Hole

Finally some good climate news. The Los Angeles Times reports: For the first time in 30 years, the gaping hole in the ozone layer above Antarctica is showing signs of healing. Every year since it was discovered in 1985, scientists have watched the hole grow bigger from one Antarctic spring to the next, eventually covering 10.9 million square miles in …

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