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PALM BEACH: Elton John To Perform At Rush Limbaugh’s Wedding Today

Sir Elton John, who angered many when he paired with Eminem for a Grammy show duet, is again sleeping with the enemy. Tonight he will perform in Palm Beach at the fourth wedding of Rush Limbaugh. The conservative firebrand, 59, will exchange vows Saturday in Florida with Kathryn Rogers – a blond bombshell half his age – in a lavish …

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Rush Limbaugh: If Health Care Reform Passes, I’m Moving To Costa Rica

Zillionaire Rush Limbaugh, who could put a daily heart transplant on his debit card, says he’ll leave the United States if health care reform passes. My guess in even in Canada and even in the UK, doctors have opted out. And once they’ve opted, they can’t see anybody Medicare, Medicaid, or what will become the exchanges. They have to have …

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