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Dominionism & The Mayor Of Vallejo CA

The Vallejo Independent Bulletin looks into the dominionist movement and its grip on the mayor’s office in Vallejo, California. (Cindy Jacobs has a hand in this, unsurprisingly.) You may recall that Mayor Osby Davis has claimed that gay people are evil and never go to heaven. The clip is a little long, but worth your time. Key quote: “Hate speech …

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Hundreds Protest Mayor Of Vallejo CA: Gays Don’t Go To Heaven

Hundreds of Vallejo, California residents turned out yesterday to protest (and support) the mayor’s recent comments that his was a “city of God” and that gay people don’t go to heaven. The protesters waved rainbow flags, held signs demanding the separation of church and state and some called for Davis’ resignation. And then there was a roar. From inside City …

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