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OREGON: Supreme Court Rejects Appeal By Anti-Gay Bakers, Lawyers Vow To Take Their Case To SCOTUS

On Top Magazine reports: The Oregon Supreme Court on Thursday denied review in a case involving a bakery that refused to serve a lesbian couple. “The court has considered the petition for review and orders that it be denied,” Oregon’s highest court said in its order. Late last year, the Oregon Court of Appeals upheld a decision by the Oregon …

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OREGON: State Supreme Court Boots Judge For Three Years For Lying About Refusal To Marry Gay Couples

Suspended without pay! The Oregonian reports: The Oregon Supreme Court Thursday took the unusual step of suspending a sitting state court judge — Vance Day of Salem — for three years. The high court found that Day — a Marion County Circuit Court judge — had committed “willful misconduct” and made “willful misstatements” to investigators to cover-up the truth. Among …

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