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NEW YORK CITY: Activists Demand “Robin Hood Tax” On Financial Institutions

Yesterday about a thousand activists marched on the United Nations, demanding the creation of a so-called “Robin Hood Tax” on Wall Street and financial institutions around the world. Forbes posted a press release: To commemorate the 2nd Anniversary of Occupy Wall Street, the Robin Hood tax coalition that consists of two hundred million supporters around the world including Occupy Wall …

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UC Pepper Spray Cop Files For Disablility

The former University Of California Davis campus cop who infamously and oh-so-casually doused students with pepper spray in 2011 has filed a worker’s compensation claim with the state, claiming that the incident caused him to suffer a mental disability. John Pike ceased to be a UCD employee in July 2012. He remains entitled to retirement credit for his years of …

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Punched Occupy Protester Sues NYPD

You may recall the video I posted in 2011 which clearly showed an Occupy Wall Street protester being sucker-punched by a member of the NYPD. Yesterday the victim filed a federal lawsuit. Deputy Inspector Johnny Cardona punched Felix Rivera-Pitre — an HIV-positive activist — in the face, ripping an earing from his ear during an Oct. 14, 2011 protest in …

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