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YouTube Cans Pogo Clip For Hate Speech Violations

YouTube has removed popular musician and remix artist Pogo’s anti-gay rant for hate speech violations after the clip went wildly viral and spawned headlines on dozens of news and music sites. Yesterday afternoon Pogo, whose real name is Nick Bertke, posted a response in which he claims that the entire rant, in which he celebrated the Pulse massacre, was some …

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Popular YouTube Artist Pogo Reveals That He Finds Gays “Disgusting” And Celebrated Pulse Massacre [VIDEO]

As longtime readers know, over the last decade I’ve posted many of Australian musician Nick Bertke’s truly amazing videos and even blogged about his ten-year banning from the US in 2011 for not having a valid work permit. Berkte’s clips typically get many millions of views. Bertke originally posted his innovative compositions on a YouTube channel titled “Fagottron” – leading …

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