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Guilty Plea As “Newark Four” Case Rolls On

The case of the Newark Four rolls on. First, some backstory, as it’s been awhile since I’ve written about this….. In August 2006 a group of seven black lesbians attacked and stabbed a man in Greenwich Village after he threatened them, told them he was going to “fuck them straight” and spat on them. The melee was caught on video …

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Lesbian Gangs Run Amok Nationwide!Space Aliens Ate My Baby!

To hear Fox News and Bill O’Reilly tell it, we’ve got us a regular national lesbian gang crime wave on our hands. Oh, brother. Meanwhile here in NYC hardcore lefties are spinning a Free Mumia-ish web of support for the Newark Four, recently incarcerated for their stabbing attack on a straight man. I’m rather disappointed to see FIERCE! (an organization …

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