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Super Bowl 50 Ruined By Gay Illuminati [VIDEO]

The halftime show at Super Bowl 50 was filled with rainbows, from Coldplay frontman Chris Martin’s microphone to 20,000 fans spelling out “Believe In Love” with rainbow-hued placards. We’ve yet to hear whether the show’s planners intended to deliver a pro-gay message and perhaps their intent is obvious, but first to jump on the story are YouTube’s Illuminati-New World Order …

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Conspiracy Nuts Declare Virginia Shooting To Be False Flag Hoax So The Illuminati Can Grab Everybody’s Guns [VIDEO]

Right on cue and within hours of the Virginia shooting, conspiracy sites, social media, and YouTube lit up with claims that the entire incident was staged by actors paid by the New World Order so that the Illuminati can seize power once everybody’s guns have been confiscated. Or something. The crazy actually goes much deeper than that, but here’s just …

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