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McCain Supporter Pastor John Hagee Repeats “Gays Caused Katrina” Charge

Will the same people that leapt on Rev. Wright denounce this asshat? On his radio show yesterday, right-wing talker Dennis Prager asked Hagee to respond to “the various charges made against him” in a fact sheet put out by the Democratic National Committee. Asked about his comments on Hurricane Katrina, Hagee said “the topic of that day was cursing and …

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Thomas Does Decadence

My dear hometown homey Thomas, who as “Terrence” was the title subject of my portion of the book linked in my sidebar, has long performed as the host of BoyTV, a traveling videography of gay events and parties. The eternally fabulous Thomas just returned from New Orleans’ notorious Southern Decadence and with the help of our friend, vlogger Tony Hayden …

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