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Headline Of The Day

Via Mashable: The NSA knew about the Internet security bug Heartbleed and regularly used it to gather intelligence for at least two years, anonymous sources told Bloomberg. If the report is true — both the White House and the NSA say it’s not (see below) — the NSA could have collected information like passwords and private communications from hundreds of …

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Heartbleed Bug Roils Technies

The Boston Globe reports on the Heartbleed bug that has IT departments scrambling across the nation. The word “Heartbleed” meant nothing at the start of the week. Today it is one of the hottest topics on the Internet — a simple security bug in an obscure piece of software that could compromise the personal information of millions. And while the …

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Sticky News For Astroglide

Whoopsie. Wired is reporting that lube maker Astroglide has accidently exposed a list of over 250,000 customers. Google searches on their customer’s names now reveal their addresses and their preferred lube. Google is working on removing the info from their caches and many of the links are now dead, but apparently the information has been out there for years. There …

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