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TRAILER: Imperium

Business Insider recaps: If anyone is still making Harry Potter jokes about Daniel Radcliffe, they won’t be after seeing the British actor in the first trailer for “Imperium.” The thriller, which is inspired by a true story, features Radcliffe as Nate Foster, a young, idealistic FBI agent who goes undercover to take down a white supremacist terrorist group. Radcliffe, sporting …

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FRANCE: Neo-Nazi Leader Endorses Trump

French neo-Nazi National Front founder and five-time presidential candidate Jean-Marie Le Pen today endorsed Donald Trump with a tweet that translates as, “If I were American, I would vote for Donald Trump. May God protect him!” Le Pen has been convicted multiple times for inciting racial hatred and for denying the Holocaust. In the late 80s he called for forcibly …

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FRANCE: Far-Right Loses Every Regional Election

This is quite surprising considering recent events. The Independent reports: The far right Front National (FN) was unexpectedly vanquished in all parts of France last night after disgruntled moderate voters surged back to the polls in the second round of regional elections. In a nationwide vote watched with anxiety all over Europe, Marine Le Pen’s deodorised far-right party failed to …

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