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BRAZIL: Millions Of Irreplaceable Artifacts Destroyed In National Museum Fire, Officials Blame Funding Issues

The BBC reports: Officials in Brazil have blamed lack of funding for a huge fire that has ravaged the country’s National Museum. One of the largest anthropology and natural history collections in the Americas was almost totally destroyed in Sunday’s fire in Rio de Janeiro. There had been complaints about the dilapidated state of the museum. “We never had adequate …

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Clumsy Woman Costs Met $65M

This weekend at the Met a woman lost her balance and somehow fell into Pablo Picasso’s The Actor, tearing a small hole in the bottom of the painting. Today an art appraiser assessed the damage to the painting’s original $130M value. Conservators said they will be able to fix the 6-inch tear in “The Actor” (above), but appraiser Gerard van …

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