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MONTANA: Bigots File Lawsuit To Overturn Small Town’s New LGBT Rights Law

Back in April the city council of the small town of Missoula, Montana added LGBT people to its housing and employment protections. Now the idiots behind the site Not My Bathroom have filed a lawsuit against the town claiming their petition attempt to have the law repealed by referendum is being blocked. The lawsuit says plaintiffs diligently worked to craft …

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LGBT Rights For Missoula, Montana

Yesterday the Missoula, Montana city council voted 10-2 to approve of adding LGBT people to the city’s employment and housing discrimination laws. “Most of us can’t remember civil rights in action,” said Councilwoman Stacy Rye, an ordinance sponsor. “This is it for us. This is our lifetimes.” In front of citizens who sat through a nearly seven-hour meeting, the council …

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Men In Dresses Prepare To Invade Ladies Rooms In Small Montana Town

Tonight the city council of Missoula, Montana will consider an LGBT anti-discrimination ordinance that has brought out the typical “men in ladies rooms” screams by God’s Gentle People™, who last week marched with signs prompted by the NotMyBathroom.com website. NOTMYBATHROOM.COM is an action to defeat the Missoula anti-discrimination ordinance or more accurately called THE PEEPING TOM PROTECTION ORDINANCE. A review …

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