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Liberty Counsel: We Lost Everything But Send Money

As you know, the Liberty Counsel lost virtually every single battle this year. Same-sex marriage: LOST. Ex-gay torture: LOST. They couldn’t even fucking keep Kim Davis out of jail. But send money! They’re heroes! From Mat Staver: Earlier this year, Liberty Counsel asked, “What would happen if, instead of quiet retreat, many thousands of individuals, agencies, charities, churches and schools …

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NOM: We’re Out Of Time (And Probably Money)

It’s truly a pleasure to read Brian Brown’s ever-increasingly desperate money begs. This one came in on Saturday: “As the end of year approaches, I have to sound the alarm. NOM exists only because of your generous support and we raise most of our funds in our year-end membership drive. This year I was ecstatic because a group of donors …

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Christian Money Beg: Help! My Husband Is Committing “Secret Adulterous Sodomies With Other Men”

Porno Pete is promoting a money beg by a woman whose husband came out to her after the boyfriend of HIS boyfriend threatened to tell her himself. Complicated! Take it away, Wonkette: In recent months, aggrieved fundamentalists have turned grifting into an absolute artform. Did a mean homogay come into your flower shop wanting to buy flowers? GoFundMe. Did a …

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