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Republicans Introduce Joint Bill To Legalize Anti-LGBT Discrimination By Adoption Agencies Nationwide

Hate group leader Tony Perkins is thrilled: If federal lawmakers want to show they care about children and families, there’s perhaps no better opportunity in the near term than by passing the Child Welfare Provider Inclusion Act (CWPIA). Pending in the House as H.R. 1881 (introduced by Rep. Mike Kelly (R-Penn.)), and in the Senate as S. 811 (introduced by …

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Fox News Contributor Erick Erickson: LGBTs Should Expect To Be Punched For Violating “Cultural Norms”

Earlier this week Republican US Sen. Mike Enzi declared that if a man walks into a bar wearing a tutu, he should expect to be punched. After an immediate uproar, Enzi issued a seemingly sincere apology which he followed up on today with a personal phone call the man he was thought to be referencing. Via the Casper Star Tribune: …

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