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BREAKING: Full SCOTUS Continues Stay On Virginia Same-Sex Marriages

And of course they had to drag it down to the wire.

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Alliance Defending Freedom Formally Files Fourth Circuit Stay Demand With SCOTUS

Late this afternoon the virulently anti-gay Alliance Defending Freedom formally filed their demand that the US Supreme Court stay the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling that overturned Virginia’s ban on same-sex marriage. According to their stay demand, which was filed on behalf of the clerk of Prince William County, there is a “fair prospect” that SCOTUS will overturn the …

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VIRGINIA: County Clerk Asks Fourth Circuit Court To Continue Stay So She Can Appeal Directly To SCOTUS

With the representation of the Alliance Defending Freedom, Prince William County Clerk Michele McQuigg today filed notice with the Fourth Circuit Court that she intends to appeal their overturn of Virginia’s ban on same-sex marriage to the US Supreme Court. Utah has also announced its intent to file such an appeal, but has not yet done so. Via SCOTUSblog: McQuigg, …

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