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AUSTRALIA: Fourth State Recognizes Foreign Marriages

Gay Star News reports: Same-sex couples who have married overseas will now have those marriages given legal recognition when they return home to the Australian state of Victoria after lawmakers passed the Relationships Amendment Bill. Same-sex marriage is still not legal in Australia despite overwhelming support from the Australian people so many Australian states have created relationship registers so that …

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AUSTRALIA: Thousands Rally For Marriage, Angrily Denounce Anti-Gay Prime Minster Tony Abbott [VIDEO]

Thousands of Australians rallied in Melbourne today in protest of Prime Minster Tony Abbott’s continued opposition to a free vote on marriage equality in Parliament. Via the Age: On a bustling city street under overcast skies, they came in their thousands. Some came in hope, optimistic that change was inevitable. Some came in anger, outraged at a prime minister standing …

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AUSTRALIA: Federal Policitians Cancel Speeches To World Congress Of Families

Virtually all federal politicians in Australia have now cancelled their plans to attend the World Congress of Families convention after it was announced that the event would be hosted by the far-right After The Fire Ministries, a group which recently claimed that God sent devastating wildfires to the state of Victoria in anger over the legalization of abortion. Kevin Andrews’ …

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AUSTRALIA: Anti-Gay Coalition Faces Cancelation Of Its Convention Venues

The World Congress of Families will hold its annual convention in Melbourne, Australia next week – that is, if their venues don’t cancel on them. The letter on the WCF website has been written to respond to what it claims has been “unremitting and grossly misleading attacks” in the lead-up to Saturday’s conference at St Cecilia’s school hall. “Sexual radicals …

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World Cup Jesus Sparks Outrage

As the World Cup prepares to start in Rio De Janeiro, an Australian betting site is floating a massive hot air balloon in the shape of the iconic Christ The Redeemer statue in the skies of Melbourne. Local Christian groups are outraged: “This is extraordinary, if they knew anything about Jesus they’d know he’d be overturning tables in the gaming …

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