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Teabaggers On Parade

“I want the government out of my Social Security.” And of course, the guy who supports English-only has a misspelled sign.

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What Obama Is Up Against In Israel: Racist Dual American-Israeli Citizens

On the eve of the president’s speech in Cairo last week, filmmaker and writer Max Blumenthal and blogger/Israeli peace activist Joseph Dana took to the cafe-laden streets of Jerusalem to ask young people one simple question: “What do you think of Obama and Israel?” The video they captured is very disturbing. NSFW. Joseph Dana: Most of the people that we …

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Value Voters: Lock Up Queers,
Death To Blasphemers

Huffington Post’s Max Blumenthal reports from last week’s Value Voters Summit where he lets the cameras roll as the Christianists elabocrazy on quarantining sodomites and other Jeebus-filled topics. Watch the video all the way through, if you’ve got the stomach for it. From his post: Recently, there has been a lot of mainstream media noise about a new, more socially …

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