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Maureen Mullarkey Files Police Complaint Over Prop 8 Hate Mail

The gay Nazis are still after artist/critic Maureen Mullarkey. In a long rambling Weekly Standard piece complaining about how the gay community’s “brownshirts” have targeted her since her Prop 8 donation became public, she closes with this: It is one thing to read hate-filled mail on a computer screen. It is something else to have it in hand. At the …

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Gay Nazis Are After Maureen Mullarkey!!!

New York artist and art critic Maureen Mullarkey is pissed off about all the negative attention she’s getting after the NY Daily News uncovered her $1000 donation to Yes On 8. Artist Maureen Mullarkey, known in the gay community for paintings depicting drag queens and scenes inspired by gay pride parades, responded to criticism of her donation to the campaign …

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Maureen Mullarkey, Prop 8 Supporter

Maureen Mullarkey, the art critic and artist well-known to the gay community for her iconic portraits of drag queens and gay pride parades, was yesterday revealed by the NY Daily News to have contributed $1000 to Proposition 8. Maureen Mullarkey, 66, made her sizable contribution to the National Organization for Marriage’s “Yes on 8” fund in June, a Daily News …

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