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Michigan AG Nominee: Ban Plan B Pills Like Fentanyl

The Heartland Signal reports: At an event last month, Michigan attorney general candidate Matt DePerno (R) said that Plan B is no different than fentanyl and should be banned in Michigan. “You gotta figure out how to ban the pill from the state,” DePerno said in audio, taken from a conversation at CPAC in Texas last month and provided by …

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Special Prosecutor To Investigate GOP MI AG Nominee

The Associated Press reports: A special prosecutor in Michigan has been appointed to investigate whether the Republican candidate for attorney general and others should be criminally charged for their attempts to gain access to voting machines after the 2020 election. The office of Democratic attorney general Dana Nessel last month asked the Prosecuting Attorneys Coordinating Council, a state agency, to …

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Michigan AG Nominee Boasted Of “Tabulator” Breach

The Detroit News reports: The vote-counting machines are supposed to be kept under strict chain-of-custody and security protocols. But DePerno’s own court filings and media appearances tie him to tabulators that Attorney General Dana Nessel’s office says were taken from rural areas of Michigan and transported to Oakland County for “testing.” “Then, we got access to a tabulator, and we …

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