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KENTUCKY: Activists And Opponents Clash Again At Office Of County Clerk Kim Davis [VIDEO]

Screaming and chanting has become a regular thing at the office of Kim Davis.  CBS reports: Protesters once again showed up outside the Rowan County Courthouse on Wednesday morning. When the clerk’s office opened, members of the national media made their way into Kim Davis’s office and asked to speak to her. Nathan Davis, Kim’s son, told the group she …

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Cayman Islands Reaffirms Same-Sex Marriage Ban To Stop The Satanic Confusion Of Homosexuality

Saying that he was acting on “Holy Bible evidence” about the “Satanic confusion” of homosexuality, Cayman Islands Rep. Anthony Eden has led the legislature of the popular cruise destination to unanimously reaffirm its ban on same-sex marriage. From the Cayman Compass: “To me, this is one of the most important motions for this House and the people of the Cayman …

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