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The Miracle of Anti-Gay Denial

Famed cartoonist Mark Fiore writes: Since Uganda’s anti-gay law was signed recently, it’s been amusing (and maddening) to watch various religious right characters scurry for cover. When nobody was watching, the holier-than-thou set have been visiting Uganda preaching their extreme anti-gay views. Now that people are appalled at Uganda’s life-in-prison-for-homosexuals law, the “evangelical” right-wing preachers are laying low or rewriting …

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Learn To Speak Tea Bag

The residents of Wingnuttia are screaming at NPR for hosting the below Mark Fiore cartoon on their site. Fiore casually reports receiving death threats over the issue: Before you could say, “due to a pre-existing condition, your health coverage has been denied,” there was a full-fledged viral campaign by right-wing media outlets and blogs to jump, scream and shout about …

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