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SRSLY: Russia Accuses US Of Election Meddling

Business Insider reports: Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova on Tuesday accused the US of a “direct interference in our electoral process and internal affairs” following the State Department’s criticism of Russia’s decision to bar opposition leader Alexey Navalny from running in the upcoming presidential election against Vladimir Putin. “This State Department statement, which I’m sure will be repeated, is …

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Russian Spox Appears To Contradict Trump: It’s “Fake News” That He Shared Classified Intelligence With Us

Deutsche Welle reports: On Tuesday, US President Donald Trump wrote on Twitter that he was acting within the privilege afforded his position when he shared intelligence with Russian officials at the White House last week. Earlier Tuesday, and seemingly contradictory, Russian Foreign Ministry officials had told the Moscow-based Interfax news agency that reports that Trump had revealed highly classified secrets …

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