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Racist QAnon Nutbag Likely To Win US House Race

Politico reports: House GOP leaders raced to disavow a Republican congressional candidate who made racist Facebook videos and embraced the QAnon conspiracy theory. But less than two months later, the party has done little to block Marjorie Taylor Greene from winning a seat in the House. Now, Republicans could be days away from adding their most controversial member yet to …

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Trump Hails #QAnon Nutbag US House Candidate

Politico reports: According to Media Matters, a progressive watchdog group that monitors conservative media, there are 51 candidates running for Congress who have promoted the messages of “Q” — a mysterious internet figure who drops digital “crumbs” about a secret war Trump is waging against a cabal of pedophile political elites in Washington. And on Tuesday, seven of them emerged …

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GEORGIA: Republican US House Candidate “Blows Up Socialism, Open Borders, And Gun Control” In First Ad

Fox News reports: Many Republicans are campaigning against socialism this year, but a Georgia GOP congressional candidate took her message one step further. Marjorie Greene, a businesswoman running to represent Georgia’s 14th congressional seat, literally blew up a “socialism” sign with explosives to show she’s serious about stopping the far-left policies. Greene, who runs a family-owned construction company, is seeking …

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